Breakfast Burritos


For Two:
tortillas charred or warmed up (I used low carb)
1/2 cup of mushrooms chopped
1/2 cup of bell peppers chopped (I like orange)
5 whisked eggs
1 avocado sliced
1 cup grated cheese (split between two)
1 tbs salsa each (I used cherry salsa)
hot sauce to taste
everything but the bagel seasoning (trader joe’s)


1. Prep Your Ingredients

This recipe is low key and easy. All you have to do is chop up your mushrooms, or slice them if you prefer larger pieces. Same thing with the bell pepper. You can also add as many veggies as you want to this burrito. I would have added spinach too if I had some on hand! Whisk your eggs and you’re good to go!

Pro tip with the avocado, when you get to the side with the seed in it, instead of acting like a knife wielding ninja, just lightly squeeze it upside down over a trash can and the seed will fall right out.

2. Construct the Burrito

Grease your pan, or have a really good non stick pan. My husband and I decided to invest in some cookware without the nonstick coating. There’s a documentary all about it if you want to get into it. Anyways! I like to not be a huge mess-maker, so I sprayed some oil into my pan and cooked my veggies down first. Then I added in my egg mixture seasoned with Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

You can make your eggs however you like. I like them done well, with no slimy texture whatsoever. Do you! Once your eggs are done the way you like it, add the mixture to your charred tortilla, sprinkle your cheese on top, place your sliced avocado, salsa and hot sauce, and bam! Perfect breakfast burrito.