Digital Grocery List and Meal Planner

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A Meal Planner that stands out from the rest! Enjoy a new and organized way of writing your groceries out. Take the stress out of a thrown together list and make it pretty! You will have your choice of template style: summary style, elongated, elongated with food types, and a bucketed grocery list. The grocery list was created to mimic how you would walk through a store, and also includes a note section at the bottom for coupons or helpful notes!

This digital planner is, well, digital! That means that you will not receive a physical copy of this product. You will receive a downloadable product, of which you can print off and write on, OR import it to your favorite note taking app to fully digitize your food lists!



Meal planning and prepping doesn’t need to be so disorganized! With the Recipe Wrecker Template, you can both use it digitally and then print it out to take with you anywhere. Never leave your grocery list at home again, like I ALWAYS do.

  • For the ORGANIZED note taker, import this template into your favorite notes app like GoodNotes or Notability. From there, you can handwrite your notes, or add in text to perfect your digitized grocery list and meal planning system. Then, when you go to the grocery store, you can easily access your notes via your note taking app. If you are sending your spouse, sibling, or child in your absence – just text the PDF straight to them. Happy organization times to you!
  • For the UNORGANIZED but wants to be organized person, you now have a beautiful guide to get you started! If you are not quite sold on getting a tablet and a note taking app, no worries. We’ll convert you :). But, for now, download this pdf and then print it right off! If you are worried about losing your printed out templates, don’t worry, just take a picture of it once you are done filling it out!

As always, reach out to me for custom orders or if you want to say hi! Head over to my Tiktok or Instagram to check out recipe wrecking creations or shoot me a message. Have a great day!


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