Burrito Bowls

Elevating Normal Cuisine


1 box kit of Burrito Bowl – Seasoned Ground Beef – Old El Paso
1 – 2 avocados
2 cups of frozen corn
1 bell pepper
2 tortillas
Sour cream


1. Prep Your Ingredients

This is a quick weeknight meal, so it does not take a lot of prep! All you have to prep is cutting your bell pepper and avocados.

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2. Make It

The beauty of a recipe is that it is totally up to you if want to abide by it. This recipe is what tastes good to me and my family! If you want to alter these ingredients, DO IT!

While your ground beef is cooking, cook the rice per the instructions on the box.

Take the ground beef and throw it into a pan on medium heat. You are going to cook it until there is no pink remaining and the grease starts adding up in the pan. I use a cast iron pan for this.

Get a paper towel and place it within the pan to soak up the grease. Then, you are going to put in about 2/3 cup of water and combine it with the seasoning packet that came in the box mix. Allow the seasoning to work its magic for about 2-3 more minutes and then turn the heat off.

I have done the bell peppers raw, and I have also had them sauteed. It is totally your preference Рthis time I am going to saut̩ the bell peppers with the corn.

Once cooked through, arrange your cooked ingredients one by one in a low bowl, drizzle with the queso and sour cream. Enjoy!