Crab Rangoons


10 oz imitation (or real) crab
8 oz cream cheese
2 green onions
1/2 tsp garlic
2 tsp Worcestershire
a package of wonton wrappers


1. Prep Your Ingredients

First things first! Chop up your crab. I wouldn’t dice these too thinly, but it is totally up to you. Think about biting into the crab rangoon and what consistency you would like. That can be larger chunks, or tiny diced crab.

Next, you’re going to dice your green onion. Remember to toss these into some water and rinse them off. Green onions, like leeks, are root vegetables so they are going to grow within the dirt. It’s likely you’ll see some dirt in the green onion rings.

Next, throw in your diced up garlic. I use fresh garlic as much as possible because I’m a garlic girl! I wasn’t a garlic girl in my first trimester though, lemme tell ya!

Then you’ll throw in your Worcestershire sauce. Wow, I spelled that right on the first try. It’s truly a miracle.

Add your block of cream cheese and mix very well!

Then comes the hardest part of this easy recipe! You’re going to take your wonton wrapper, wet your finger with water, and rub it on the perimeter of the wonton wrapper. This acts as your binding agent or glue. Spoon a dollop of your mixture into the middle of the wonton wrapper and I used two hands to bind the corners together. I formed a pinching motion with my pincher fingers on both sides (view my tiktok video for help with this) and then pinched the corners together.


1. Fry your Crab Rangoons

Heat your oil in the pot of your choosing. You can see in my video that I used the All Clad 3qt D5. My husband and I considered the All Clad series a really good investment. If you don’t know about the dangers of Teflon – look into it! You know the oil is ready when you stick in a wooden spoon and it bubbles around it. Throw some crab rangoons in! Throw enough in that they are not completely crowded in the oil. Once the bottom is golden brown, flip them over so that there is an even golden brown throughout the entire rangoon.

Pair with a sweet thai chile sauce (with a little bit of duck sauce thrown in) and enjoy!